Saturday, May 23, 2020

Minibeast Adventure - Day 3

Minibeast Adventure - Day 2

Today you will become researchers.  Can you choose your favourite minibeasts that you found yesterday and begin to discover interesting facts about them?  Explore the key questions below to help you learn more.  You can present your fact file as a poster, non-fiction book, information sheet or video.  You can choose.  Follow the link to a series of 'minibeast adventures with Jess' on YouTube.  Minibeast adventure with Jess

Mini-Beast Adventure Day 1

Would you like to go on a minibeast adventure?  You could do this in your garden or an outdoor space near to your house.  Using the minibeast sheet below, can you document your findings.  There is a space to draw any other creepy crawlies that you find.  You might want to take photographs of the insects you find.  This will help you complete the drawing activity.

Can you have a go at sketching some of the minibeasts that you found?

Feel Good Exercises

Exercise is great for our health and well-being.  Here are some exercises that we want you to have a go at completing this week.  Perhaps you could send in some videos of you doing them so that we can share them with your friends.


Get creative with different types of races. You can have a three-legged race, a one-legged race, a crab walk race, etc.
Also, let’s not forget the classic race of deciding on a finish point that’s a bit far off and any route can be used to get there to see who wins. Jump rope (skipping rope) races are great, too, as it’s maximum leg exercise combined with a cardio workout!

Obstacle course:

It’s an exciting way to exercise!

Use some furniture, and also some chalk to draw out a course ranging from the inside of your house to the garden. Add challenges to the course. You can add a puzzle to be solved, a vast area to be crossed without touching the ground, etc.

Pop, pop, pop!

Inspired by some simple birthday games, all you have to do for this is blow some bubbles out in your garden and ask your children to run around popping all of them.
Another variation of this game is don’t let the balloon touch the ground (without holding it for more than a second at a time, of course.

Weeks Beg 25th May - Art Activities

Hi Year 1,

We know how much you love Art so here are some simple things that you could do at home.  We hope that you enjoy them!

1.  Decorate a stone
You could go for a lovely walk in the community and try to find a large round stone to decorate.
Perhaps you could decorate a stone for someone that you are missing at the moment!  I am sure that a pretty stone made by you would really make them smile!

2.  Sunshine Plates
Could you use a paper plate and make a sunshine?  The sun always makes us happy as it allows us to do lots of special things.  At the moment, people need sunshine more than ever before!  Perhaps you could give your sunshine to that special person to show that you are thinking about them.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday 18th May - Weekly English

Story Writing

We hope you had a lovely weekend staying in with your grown-ups.  

We are looking at writing a short story this week based on the fantastic image below.


Story Starter
He just couldn’t help himself because he had always been a greedy, fat rat.

Up until this moment, he had never been spotted by a human. Now, that was about to change……

Lesson 1
LO: To gather information from an image
There is lots of information you can ‘read’ from an image. They can make you think and open up your imagination. Focussing on the image answer the questions below and write your answers in your home learning book.
Task – Question Time!
What do you think the rat is thinking?
What has the rat been collecting?
If you saw the rat, what would you do?
What is the best way for the rat to carry the fruit back to his home?
If the rat had a son and a daughter, do you think he should let them go with him when he is gathering food?

Lesson 2
LO: To use adjectives to describe.
An adjective, as you know, is a describing word. When we want to use more than one adjective to describe something you must remember to use a comma.

For example - The bright, red, shiny strawberry looked very juicy.

In your home learning book write five descriptive sentences about the image of the rat.

Lesson 3
LO: To edit and improve sentences.
These sentences are ‘sick’. Using your home learning book re-write them to improve them. 

the fat grey rat held on to the fruit.

Inside the small silver bucket were some juicy red berries.

He wos always hungry and lovd fruit.

he held on to the berry tightly because he did not want drop it.

back home the babys were waiting for their tee.

Lesson 4
LO: To plan a story

Tomorrow you are going to write a story.
Remember how important it is to plan our sentences before we start writing them. 

Can you create a story map like the one below, to plan what happens in to the rat? Remember you can add key words underneath the images to help you.

Lesson 5
L.O To write your own imaginary story

What would you need in your writers toolkit?

Writing toolkit
Capital letter and full stops
Full sentences
Pre-cursive handwriting
Tall letter – tall
Small letters - small 

Task - Author for a day!
Using your imagination and your story map from yesterday, now write your own story about the rat and the red berries.


We look forward to reading your stories when you are back in school, or if you don't want to wait send us a photograph of your stories. 

Monday 18th May - Reading Comprehension

Monday 18th May - Treasures in the Garden Reading Comprehension

Treasures in the garden